Deep Work + 4 Disciplines of X

keeping time away for quality work. it is not time management. the quality of the effort, the way we work, the kind of work we do is of importance.

the person who spends two hours every morning before work to get his manuscript done. avoiding mail and other wastes of time. being there in bigger chunks of time as possible.

reading deep work reminds us of that, gives us tactics and reaffirms its use and motivates us by remembering how useful it can be.

Now comes the usefulness of the 4DX (the four discpilines of execution)

the lead measure and the lag measure. identifying that one action, the task, which when done repeatedly leads to the desired effect.

we may think we know this, but there is a big difference in really thinking what that initial task is and just focusing on that, in big enough chunks to get it done.

still the lag measure, the final result can be measured to see how the game has been working. did I win? was my gamble on the right task?

but to identify that task, we need to go behind the process and really see. maybe it is waking up and doing tab transcription everyday, so that later in the morning I can record the video.

maybe… still, we need to go through the process and see if that is the best time usage. maybe I can record the video in the morning, and then do tab after editing.

human factors. what’s the human bottle neck.

4 DX really brings clarity and simplicity to the process.

to produce Y bottles more of water bottles per month in the plant, the lead measure is NOT producing Y/30 per day. instead it may have to do something with the shift times, what is done during shifts, in between, etc.

that is why it is called the lead measure. the real thing, which when measured and improved, brings the desired lag measure, which is already done and we don’t have direct control over.

we don’t have direct control over the exam marks although that is what we measure. how much time did I spend every day on the core syllabus? did I do it everyday? by doing that did my marks change?

the daily time spent on core syllabus is the lead measure, which when measured and done right, brings in the lag measure of marks, which we can’t change by the time we measure it.

see? not sure how something so obvious was never formalized before.

of course scaling up and other books and systems have talked about it, but maybe not so clearly, maybe also they didn’t make it simple, instead had too many branches especially for an individual .

the deep work idea is simple, but it is useful to keep reading the book, to be in the mood. in fact I read Adam Grant books, which are mentioned in the deep work book, to feel in the right companionship and mood to do deep and good work.

plus, identify the real task that will move the needle.

make notes on calendar to measure the consistent doing of the same.

see how the performance is. mark daily. keep the marking process easy to access and do.

keep it very simple. one task, one measure, one desired result.

anyway that is the best we can do. we will do the best that we can do 🙂 slowly to even more 80/20 and delegation. careful delegation and freedom…

Feel Susan Jeffers, Rubber Band and the changing being

Feel the fear and do it anyway makes a change because of the side from which the author is speaking – with us, while talking to us, not just from a far point, but here, with us, telling us what to do.

And… obviously there is a very big AHA from the very beginning

the perspective is changed about fear. just like the title says.

i found it very interesting the first time I heard from another source, how we can recategorize anxiety to be seen as excitement instead of fear or dread. anyway, it’s also just another way of accepting that things we want, are often on the other side of fear (didn’t Will Smith have a video on that?) and we move through.

exams, performances on stage… I remember I used feel odd when I stopped feeling fear about those things…

i remember how I always used to make mistakes when practising sitting in my bedroom in my teens, but slowly I started seeing how when on stage I wouldn’t make any of those mistakes. we don’t have to simulate the stage situation, just make sure the phrases are well arranged and we can do it, and when the situation comes, where we naturally know to focus, we do it without mistakes, with better performance.

growth and fear. performance and fear.

now, in that context, it doesn’t feel anymore right to call it fear in the conventional sense.

it is excitement for the lack of better words in between fear and excitement?

better to know it at the physical level, I understood. it has its enormous advantages.

when we feel the burning skin, the tight shoulder and chest. reduced to the physical muscles, heat maps on the body etc WITHOUT associating STORIES to it.

have you tried it? if not try it and see what I mean.

even when there is no external reason, you can find your muscles tensed from thought, you can paint red and blue and orange heat maps on your body…

and… let them exist, separate from you. like a in a huge building, where at places the space is a bit warped from the walls, stay INSIDE YOUR body, realizing how muscles have to be tensed to feel what you feel. How you are feeling that heat on your skin.

and … realizing they do exist and can exist without any real reason for fear.

it is very much possible that without thinking we have been immediately making a story, an emotional reasoning to go with the physical symptoms.

for whatever reason, we have let our muscles train that way and we forgot the origins of them. anyway… we didn’t know better. we can take responsibility for what we allowed, even in the past and reclaim the whole life for ourselves.

the one minute millionaire and other books talk about using the rubber band on the wrist method.

some voice that we don’t want? snap the rubber band…

it should work.

all of them comes back to being able to realize… there is no story.

for some reason we didn’t want to acknowledge it before.

snap the band. let fear symptoms stay at body level. no changing nothing. you be peaceful in the knowledge, like you would in a peaceful calm cottage…

snap yourselves out of stories that no one is listening. stories that have no sense to you. no use to you… but at the same time can be very limiting although so non existent!

Three year vision – musician analogy – producer’s mind

“I can play like this, now I will go one more step.”

That is correct. Acknowledging what we already can and making percentage improvements is THE way to do it…

BUT, we still have the VISION in mind. The song…

How is it meant to sound… finally

How to play it so that the song sounds the way it is meant to sound…

We don’t just say I play this phrase, now I will add one more pull off to it, without knowing where we are going.

our measure is not just one step more than what I can.

it is clearly towards making our playing making sense as the song, a song we already have in mind… our own or someone else’s. already existing or one we are making.

naturally it is not enough to just think of where we are and think what can be added there.

beyond our current skills and abilities, we agree that with improvement in all kinds of areas, we are really striving and trying hard and somehow (at least in the beginning) to make that final sound vision a reality, to stretch and reach that skill. to practice enough, iterate enough, analyze, optimize and make fluent enough to be able to achieve that final vision.

pull to that. not just seeing what we can straighten or push now immediately without knowing why or where we are going.

so for the producer, for the composer, for the practising performing musician, it is OBVIOUS that we have a vision beyond where we are now, and to reach that vision is what we are practising for.

not just. where we are now. and add one step.

the three year vision. where we need to be according to the SONG we have in mind, the way we want it to sound, the way we want our life to be and then practising, learning, optimizing, getting all that is needed for that perfect vision, to fill that, which is beyond our natural abilities now.